airsoft sniper rifle


Airsoft sniper rifle is a significant addition to your team. Great, accurate, and stealth Airsoft sniper rifles give you and your team’s significant advantage in the field. Many people struggle a lot finding a great sniper rifle and end up spending money on junkie Airsoft sniper rifle.

So, we have reviewed some 10 best Airsoft sniper rifles according to the buyer’s need. And at the end of this article, there is a buyer’s guide included helping you buy the best Airsoft sniper rifle.


So, let’s not waste your time anymore, let’s start.

EVIKE -CYMA VSR-10 - Best airsoft sniper rifle for money

Evike - CYMA VSR-10-best airsoft sniper rifleCYMA VSR-10 is the big bolt action simple rifle. It is a very handsome rifle, you will ever find in the market. Cyma VSR-10 is a suitable object for people who looking for accuracy and range.


  • Heavy duty metal bolt assembly and trigger box w/ durable weather resistant finish
  • Comes with 55 round hi-cap magazine
  • Functional safety
  • Realistic spring powered bolt-action 
  • Adjustable hopup (BAR-10 compatible)
  • Full size M700 type rifle stock
  • Precision aluminum barrel  
  • BAR-10 compatible 

It’s high-cap Magazine can hold easily up to 55 rounds. We do not recommend loading 45 to 50 BBs at a time. This Airsoft sniper rifle is fully metal.

It is very solid, and well built. This rifle can easily fire accurately up to a hundred yards.

It shoots at 400 to 450 feet per second, depending on using BBs of less weight for example 20 g BBs. For more accuracy use BBs of 0.25 to 0.45 g.

Remember, increasing BBs weight will increase accuracy but will compromise the fps.

You can easily customize CYMA VSR-10 with greater upgraded parts. The rifle is great, out of the box.

It has a very adjustable hop up and is bar-10 compatible.

What we like

The rifle looks very realistic and premium. It is full of metal, including the barrel. Only in some places, high-quality plastic quality Polymer has been used for example body. This sniper is easy to use. This is best accurate airsoft sniper rifle

We believe CYMA VSR-10 is the best  airsoft sniper rifle on the market at this price.

  • easily upgradable

  • very precision barrel

  • full metal (except body)

  • scope rail is also included

  • magazine capacity is large

  • does not come with the scope at this price

  • hop-up adjustment is easy to accidental change

Well fire APS SR -2

WellFire APS SR-2Well fire APS SR -2 is a bolt-action rifle. It uses high-quality spring to project the BBs out of the barrel. APS SR -2 is very easy to operate. Well fire APS SR -2 is made of full metal. The tight barrel in the rifle helps to fire long-range targets and last years to come.



  • 470 FPS
  • Clip -27 rounds
  • 3x hunting scope
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Removable Bipod
  • Detachable stock
  • Picatinny style rail

Well fire APS SR -2 is a bolt-action rifle. It uses high-quality spring to project the BBs out of the barrel. APS SR -2 is very easy to operate. Well fire APS SR -2 is made of full metal. The tight barrel in the rifle helps to fire long-range targets and last years to come.


The rifle comes with a metal and adjustable bipod, which is easily removable. The firm bipod allows you to stand the rifle on any surface for steady shots.

Bipod is easily foldable, so you can fold it and run around with it while shooting.


The package comes with top quality 3-9 * 32 zooming scope. 32 refers to the size of the diameter of the front lens.
(3-9) Means the magnification power of the sight. Which means you can magnify the picture you see through the scope from 3 to 9 times. This scope alone is worth $40-$50 when you buy it separately. The optic rail is made of in the Picatinny style. Picatinny style rails give the benefit of mounting scopes of the other rifle easily.

What we like

Well Fire APS SR -2 comes with a high-quality scope and metal bipod. It comes with a speed loader and is very quiet. It shoots hard.

The manufacturer claims this rifle can shoot at the velocity of 470 feet per second. Which is fast and can hurt rabbits and, squirrels. Well fire APS SR -2 is accurate up to 150 to 200 feet. If the day is not windy. After that range, it becomes very hard to target. It comes with a removable clip which can hold 27 rounds and very easy to swap.

What we dislike like

The slight orange tip in the barrel looks hilarious and childish.

  • High fps 470

  • Scope and bipod include

  • Durable steel barrel

  • Metal bipod

  • Powerful spring guide

  • Easily upgradable

  • Some parts are high-quality polymer made

Spring bolt action well m187d fps-550 metal

WellFire APS SR-2Well fire APS SR -2 is a bolt-action rifle. It uses high-quality spring to project the BBs out of the barrel. APS SR -2 is very easy to operate. Well fire APS SR -2 is made of full metal. The tight barrel in the rifle helps to fire long-range targets and last years to come.



  • 550pfs 
  • Metal scope (3-9*40)
  • metal bipod
  • speed loader
  • bolt action
  • lefties can it also
  • The magazine holds 20 bbs

This sniper rifle known for its high fps shot 550 feet per second, which is high fps. Well m187d, is not fully metal, some parts are of the high-quality polymer.

This Airsoft rifle comes with scope and bipod. Also, speed loader, magazine, and BBs come with it.

The magazine holds 20 to 25 bbs at a time easily. You can use a speed loader or hand to fill the magazine.

The rifle is accurate up to 150 -200 feet if correct weight BBs are uses. The best part of a gun is lefties can use it easily, just by switching the bolt on the side. No additional expensive parts needed for a lefty.

What we like

The gun comes with high-quality scopes and bipods. And left-handed people can easily use it.

The scope included in the package made of metal.

This is 3-9 *40 scope. 40 means the diameter of the scope and 3-9 mean you can zoom an object 3 to 9 times than its normal image.

Barrel, scope rail, outer mechanics all are made of metal. While the grip and the outer parts are hard plastic and spring guide in the gun is also plastic.

What we dislike

BBs provided by the manufacturer are often not a pleasant quality. Loading the BBs in the magazine is a little difficult, as it requires you to use both hands.

  • It’s very accurate

  • durable and long-lasting

  • feels realistic and premium

  • Bipod seems to lose a bit

  • loading magazine is little difficult

Spring bolt action well m187d fps-550 metal

BBTac BT59

BBTAC 59 is a replica of a famous sniper rifle L-96 manufactured by well-known Airsoft company BBTAC. It is a bolt-action rifle. BBTAC 59 uses spring mechanism to shoot BBs out of the barrel. This is a very elegant and premium rifle. BBTAC 59.


  • Aluminum 
  • Rail at the top and bottom 
  • 400 fps
  • Magazine 25 round
  • Speed loader
  • Easily upgradable

The package comes with a scope, bio part, magazine. It is almost ready out of the box.

You just have to assemble the scope and bipod. Airsoft sniper shoots at approximately 400 feet per second.20 grams BBs.

And it shoots at 350 feet per second with 0.25 grams bbs. Obviously, you can shoot at almost 450 feet per second, with lighter weight BBs.

But the problem with lesser weight BBs is that you have to compromise with range. With BBTAC 59 one can shoot 60 to 70 yards easily, provided that no wind. 

Again, the scope provided in the box is of prime quality. It is a metal scope. The scope is very real. The diameter of the scope is 40 mm and you can magnify object 3 to 9 times.

This scope easily compliments the rifle helps to improve the accuracy of the user.

BBTAC 59 Airsoft sniper rifle comes with the aluminum scope.


What we dislike

Spring guide in the rifle is plastic made, which we fear might break. The piston inside the gun is also plastic.

This bipod is really of top quality. It is a foldable bipod. To fold the rifle.,there is a screw at each leg. Just slide bolt down and fold towards the front of the gun.

The magazine holds around 25 BBs at a time. The speed loader is also provided by the sellers.

Yes, the rifle has an adjustable hop up and it’s right on the barrel.

  • Very accurate

  • Outstanding quality for the scope

  • Aluminum bipod

  • Plastic spring guide

Below the list of the some best bolt action airsoft sniper rifles for the beginners, all of them are excellent for beginners.


Double Eagle Field MarksmanMany of you will be surprised by this gun making into the list. The double Eagle is not a renowned company like GAMOS and BBTAC. At this price this Airsoft rifle probably one of the best.


  • Full metal barrel
  • Bolt action
  • Metal bolt
  • Metal trigger
  • Front rails to mount for bipods and other accessories
  • Magazine 27 rounds
  • Speed loader
  • Rode to clean

Double Eagle Field marks have made of ABS polymer. The barrel, bolt, and trigger are metal. Packaging includes rail, magazine and speed loader.

Sadly, it does not come with scope and bipod at this. Spend another $50 to $60 on bipod and scope.

The manufacturer provides 17 slot metal 20 mm top rail for the scope to attach to it. There is also a rail underneath the barrel to attach laser or spotlight. Packaging also includes a rode to clean the gun. The magazine provided by the seller holds 27 rounds of BBs.

What we like

The rifle is very accurate. Not very noisy and has an adjustable hop-up. 

Though the rifle advertise that it shoots at 480 feet per second, but it is actually not. Double Eagle fields markman’s velocity is around 420 fps.

Contingent upon weight of the BBs, the fps vary. It has been advised that we should use BBs greater or equal to 0.20 g to get the best out of the gun. If this is what

What we dislike

IT does not come with scope and bipod, though in the picture these things are included.Double Eagle field Marks is a very subtle rifle, and it is pretty much accurate. This is definitely one of the best guns at this price

  • Very high-quality stock

  • Barrel, bolt, and trigger are metal pure metal

  • Adjustable hop-up

  • no scope and bipod included


bbtac M61M 61 is one of the best-selling guns produced by the BTAC. As you all know BBTAC is one of the leading Airsoft brands. M 61 is 4 feet long Airsoft sniper rifle. It is a bolt-action rifle, which means it is powered by a powerful spring. BBTAC M61 loads quick, so you do not have to waste much time loading it.


  • velocity 420-475 fps.
  • Magazine–27 rounds
  • Comes with a speed loader
  • Hop up
  • Scope
  • Bolt action 

What we like

The rifle is accurate at this time

BBTAC M 61 shoots at 420 feet per second to 475 FPS. The rifle is accurate over a hundred feet distance. BBTAC M 61 is better with 0.2 g or 0.25 g 6 mm BBs.

What we dislike

The scope comes with the rifle is not up to the mark. It also does not come with the bipod at this price.

  • The powerful spring-loading mechanism

  • Comes with a clip for fast loading

  • Bolt-action rifle gives fantastic accuracy

  • Easily upgradable

  • The rifle is big and bulky

  • The frame of the sniper is made from plastic

  • Does not come with bipod


BBTAC M62Another great Airsoft rifle by BBTAC. This rifle is very different in design from BBTAC M61 but much similar in function. It is mainly for Newbie; who do not want to spend too much on either to less. It is a very solid gun at this price.


  • Bolt action
  • FPS- 430 
  • Magazine 20 rounds
  • Metal bolt
  • Scope included


The rifle is a bolt-action rifle. It muzzles at 420 feet per second with correct weight BBs. It comes with a magazine that holds near 20 to 23 rounds.

This Airsoft rifle also comes with a scope. The scope included is cheap, though, so you may want to upgrade to a better scope.

What we like

The design is very aesthetic

The bolt is metal built but the trigger and the barrel are made of polymer (So they might not be as durable as we generally like).

Its stock is made of polymer. The polymer is molded, which makes the seam almost unnoticeable. Which means you will felt good when playing or training with M 62.

What we dislike 

 They do not provide a good scope, you have to spend  another $30 to $40 for better scope.

  • Molded polymer stock

  • Scope included

  • Metal bolt with a functional safety

  • Cheap included scope

  • Barrel and trigger are made of polymer


ASG McMillian Sportline M40A3ASG MCMILLIAN SPORTLINE M40A3 has recently got much fame. That’s just because of its wonderful performance at this price. This Airsoft sniper rifle has been manufactured by the company ASG. ASG is a splendid company


  • Magazine capacity for 27 rounds
  • Muzzle velocity 410 -420 FPS (with 0.20g bbs)
  • Aluminum barrel and receiver
  • 20 mm bipod rail
  • 20 mm optic rail

This simple Airsoft rifle weight around the 3400 g and it is 111 cm long rifle. Magazine capacity 27 rounds.

It claims that the muzzle velocity is around 420 with 0.2 g BBs, but it is not. With 0.2 g BBs the speed is around 390 to 400 fps.

What we like

It is very accurate to a certain range

This rifle is an excellent rifle for the beginner who has just started as Airsofter.

ASG MCMILLIAN SPORTLINE M40A3 shoots pretty accurately.

Its range is over 200 feet. Which we feel is enough range for an intense game.


What we dislike

It does not come with scope and bipod. Spend $50 to buy these things separately.

  • Very good rifle at this price

  • Pretty accurate

  • Smooth bolt and trigger

  • Does not come with scope and bipod

  • FPS is a little low

GAME Face GF529

GameFace 52004 Sniper Carbine GF29GAME Face GF529 is one of the best cheap sniper Airsoft rifles. It is mostly for the beginner who is just getting started with the sniper rifle. The design of this Airsoft rifle is very handsome. It gives you a feeling of holding an aesthetic gun.


  • Length–40 inches
  • speed loader
  • magazine -27 rounds
  • FPS–350 to 400 fps
  • barrel is metal
  • Picatinny rail


Let us come to the packaging. Packaging includes sling, speed loader, magazine, and cleaning rode. 

The barrel of GAME Face GF529 made of metal and the rest of the parts is made of plastic.

What we like

Synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad. The rifle has an adjustable hop-up. This the best affordable airsoft sniper rifle.

GAME Face GF529 firing velocity is around 400 fps with 0.12 g BBs.

But actually, it is not 400 fps; it is between 370 to 390 fps.

We recommend using BBs of 0.28 g or 0.30 g because these weight BBs work very well with this gun. Using BBs weight over 0.32g you find that your BBs are barely reaching the target if you are shooting over after a hundred feet.

This Airsoft rifle is accurate till 100 to 120 feet with 0.28 g BBs.

What we dislike

GAME Face GF529 does not come with scope and bipod. The rifle comes with Picatinny rail scope and bipod.

The magazine holds 27 rounds of BBs. The magazine is right beneath the barrel.

  • synthetic stock

  • good for beginner

  • very much accurate till 100 feet

  • easily upgradable

  • does not come with scope and bipod scope and bipod

  • after a certain range, accuracy decreases

  • most of the part is a polymer, accuracy decreases

In the below list we have featured some of the best affordable cheap airsoft sniper rifle. This cheap airsoft snipers are mainly for very young enthusiast.


UKARM CQB P1402 – best cheap airsoft snipper rifle

Definitely, it is the best Airsoft sniper rifle under $50. This rifle is made of sturdy plastic material. It is a very lightweight sniper rifle and can be easily maneuvered by the player of all sizes. UKARM CQB P1402 is powered by a spring which eliminates the need for gas or battery.


  • Folding stock
  • Muzzle velocity 350 fps
  • Magazine capacity-170 rounds
  • Flashlight
  • Bipod
  • See-through scope

The package includes folding bipod and mock scope.

Magazine with the large capacity also included with the package.

What we like

P1402 magazine capacity is humongous. It holds 170 rounds.

The velocity of this rifle is very questionable. It is written 350 FPS in the box.

Its range is around 80 feet. It’s not that pinpoint accurate. You cannot expect such pinpoint accuracy with a rifle under $50.

What we dislike

The scope is not an actual scope, it is a see-through scope. Which means scope does not magnify.

It is a solid gun at this price. You cannot ask any more at this price.

  • Bipod included

  • Scope included

  • Enormous magazine capacity

  • The scope is not real

  • The rifle is plastic made

Best cheapest airsoft rifle under $40

L96 -cheapest

L96This rifle is mainly for very young Airsoft enthusiasts. Young kids would love this product for its camo pattern. If young adults are just starting as an Airsoftie you can also use this sniper rifle.


  • Bipod and scope included
  • Magazine included 
  • Top and bottom ris rails

Package includes bipod, magazine, and scope. The Rifle itself is 3 feet long and made of high strength ABS polymer’s body. There are top and bottom ris rail systems attach included accessories.

What we like

scope and bipod included at this price

The velocity of this sniper gun is not too high. Since it is cheaply made and mainly designed for young.

Moreover, it is not very accurate, and the range is quite low around 40 feet.

You cannot ask for more at this cheap price. It is a perfect rifle for young Newby.

What we dislike

The scope is see-through scope with built-in red spot sight. There is no safety switch.

  • bipod and scope included

  • color of the rifle Is cool

  • dummy see-through scope

  • not very accurate

Buyers guide

airsoft sniper rifle

How to choose the best Airsoft sniper rifle for me?

Before choosing the Airsoft sniper rifle, you must be clear what you expect from your Airsoft rifle. Individual to individual, the best Airsoft sniper rifle varies. A sniper rifle that might be great for professional Airsofters, but certainly not great for a beginner like you. So the best Airsoft sniper rifle depends on an individual’s need.


What are the key factors in choosing an Airsoft Sniper rifle?


  • Powerplant
  • Upgradability
  • Weight
  • Optics or scope
  • Accessorizing
  • Velocity



They are mainly two principal power-plants, gas and spring. These are generally considered as being real sniper rifles in the Airsoft Sniper world


A gas-powered sniper rifle is very powerful compared to spring power. The gas-powered rifle offers a semi-automatic option. A gas-powered gun gives you more velocity and overall range. This kind of rifle tends to have better triggers.

The downside 
  • Gas-powered sniper rifles do not function well in cold weather, which can be a significant factor for Airsofters dwelling in a cold country.
  • The consistency of the rifle decrease, as the gas empties.
  • Once you finish gas, you have to reload both gas and BBs.
  • Gas-powered rifles are more expensive compared to a spring rifle.


Spring powerairsoft rifle

Spring power rifle is sometimes called bolt-action rifle. Real-life sniper rifles are also powered by spring. So, a spring-powered rifle gives you a more authentic feeling.

A spring-powered sniper rifle is much cheaper than gas-powered. Bolt-action rifle shot one fire at a time, then you have to reload this. Unlike gas-powered rifle bolt-action, sniper rifle function in both cold and hot with.


Bolt-action rifle has less velocity than gas-powered. You may have to upgrade this rifle to tune for long-range and accuracy, so you may have to spend some money additionally on it.



airsoft rifleSniper rifle out of the box is great, but most professionals and great snipers believe that upgradability is key.

Upgrading a sniper rifle improved accuracy, range, and speed. So, while buying a rifle you have to keep in mind with the rifle is easily upgradable or not.


  • A tighter bore improves the accuracy of your rifle. 
  • Sears and triggers need to be upgraded to handle more powerful piston, spring, and spring guide.



Usually, the sniper rifle is heavy and long. And this makes them difficult to carry around easily, while an intense match going on.

A Sniper have to move around or crawl around through delegate, narrow, and dirty places. So, you being a sniper will not choose a rifle that is too heavy and long.

Also, keep in mind, the lightest sniper rifle may be easy to carry around, but might not be accurate. So, I would buy a sniper rifle with the highest quality, average lightest sniper rifle available.



airsoft rifle scopeNo matter what happens, you cannot ignore this factor. Optics is one of the significant parts of the sniper rifle. Without a good scope, you will never be an excellent sniper.

The actual question is how much space is there to mount an optic. If not, what optic is compatible with it.

A quality magnified scope allows you to easily shoot the opponents accurately. Moreover, it helps you find other players and more importantly opponent sniper.



You must see if you can easily accessories your sniper rifle. Whether there are good rails to mount bipod, laser, and other accessories. Does the rifle have a hook to accessorize it sling? A sling can help the Snipers to hang rifles by the shoulder. Bipod plays a prominent part to help you fire steadily from a specific place. So, you must spend on a great metal bipod.



airsoft sniper rifleVelocity is not an important factor. Just be sure you do not go for a rifle with high fps (greater than 500 fps) or a rifle something with very low FPS. Some fields ban Airsofter with rifle velocity over 500 feet per second.

F A Q - about airsoft sniper rifle

What is the best Airsoft sniper rifle?

There is no best Airsoft sniper rifle. This answer actually varies from person to person.

If you are a beginner, then go for double Eagle fields mark or BBTAC m62.


For professionalgo for CYMA VSR 10.


And if you are a very young lad, go for some cheap rifles like CQB P1402 OR l96.


Does Airsoft sniper rifle hurt?

Again, the answer depends on the rifle. Usually, it does not hurt much. But if fired from a high FPS rifle, it can make substantial damage. Always wear goggles, vest and other safety kits, while experimenting with airsoft rifles.


Is spring Airsoft rifle good?

Quick answer yes, but not as good as a gas-powered or electric rifle.


What weight of BBs is best?

Definitely, BBs weighing greater than 0.25 g is best for accuracy. But you have to keep in mind whether your rifle is capable of shooting 0.25 g BBs accurately.


How far does Airsoft sniper rifle shoot?

A great or expensive sniper rifle shoots over 250 feet, accurately. The average price rifle does not shoot over 200 feet. Even if they shoot more than 200 feet accuracy is very questionable.


Can the Airsoft rifle kill a squirrel?

Though the great sniper rifle has capability of killing or hurting a squirrel or moles, but still a lot depends on the rifle and shooting distance.


What FPS is allowed in the Airsoft rifle field?

Generally, up to 500 feet per second is easily allowed but still answer may vary from field to field. The smaller field will not allow a high FPS rifle, as high FPS might hurt players.


Does getting shot with a BB gun hurt?

Short answer yes. Long answer-it depends on rifle power and the distance of shooting.


How accurate is an Airsoft rifle?

Accuracy contingent upon the two factors. One who is shooting and second on the sniper rifle. Expensive good quality rifles are very much accurate compared to cheaper plastic ones.