foot massager vs foot spa


You guys don’t have to go to a spa or beauty parlor to give your feet a unlaxing treat. Using either a foot spa or a foot massager, you can well do it at your own house. It’ll just be as relaxing.

But what are the differences between a foot spa and a foot massager and which one should you buy?

The answer varies depending on induvial needs.

Let’s first see how each works.



A foot spa is a compress house machine that uses water to help to relax your feet and reducing painfulness and tenderness.

Actually, the main difference between a foot spa and a foot massager is foot spa uses water and foot massager does not.

Foot spas work chiefly through warmed water. In less expensive models, you need to add warm water to the foot spa. Be that as it may, great foot spas (for example Beurer FB50) have a built-in heating mechanism that can either warm water or keep it warm.

In any case, they don’t simply depend on the warm water. Contingent upon the value, a foot spa can accompany numerous different features and functions.

Two of the most widely recognized additional highlights are water jets and bubbles. The jets are intended to target particular regions of your feet while the bubbles calm your feet and help you feel relax.

Another regular feature is rollers. They can either be electric or manual, where you have to operate it with your feet. They work your feet, helping increment blood flow, support muscle function and decrease swelling.

Some foot spas will likewise have vibration, magnetic or infrared massage. All these are planned for warding off your exhaustion, irritation, torment, and swelling in your feet, ankle, and legs.

Different features you may discover in foot spas timer, heat control settings, and pedicure connections.

Foot spas are exceptionally helpful for individuals with certain health conditions like joint pain, oedema, and diabetes.


 Pros of Foot spas

  • Great for treating pain, fatigue and soreness in your feet.

  • Very relaxing; ideal for use after a long day and just before bed.

  • They are usually cheaper than foot massagers.

  • Multiple functions.

  • Safe for most people.

Cons of Foot spas

  • They don’t provide intensive deep tissue massage. They may not be as effective as foot massagers at pain relief and reducing muscle tension. They are also not very helpful for those with nerve problems.

  • They need water to work.


Foot massagers

Foot massagers don’t utilize water. Rather, they utilize diverse massage techniques to treat pain, torment, fatigue, soreness, inflammation, bunions and swelling in the feet and legs.

Like foot spas, diverse foot massagers have various highlights and capacities.

The most widely recognized are shiatsu foot massagers. They depend on an old Chinese reflexology system known as shiatsu.

Turning heads under a foot cushion apply pressure on particular parts of the feet to decrease pain, ease muscle strain, help blood flow and improve general prosperity. A few massagers have a setting to increment or diminish the massage force contingent upon your requirements and level of solace.

A great deal of shiatsu foot massagers additionally has rub hubs that give profound manipulating. This resembles a profound tissue knead.

Different highlights basic in shiatsu massagers are warming and vibration (for example Beurer FM60).

Shiatsu foot massagers are extraordinary for treating plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, and constant torment.

Another kind of foot massager is the EMS massager or Circulation promoter.

 EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation.

These massagers send safe electric pulses into your muscles and nerves. This makes your muscles contract and unlax, as though you were doing an exercise. Even though the motions are minor, they are sufficient to improve muscle quality and help with mobility.

EMS massagers can help decrease pain, improve muscle strength, improve blood circulation and treat nerve issues, for example, neuropathy.

Most EMS massagers incorporate heat treatment and others have a vibration massage choice. Numerous likewise accompany additional EMS or TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) pads for application on the body. 


Pros of Foot massagers

  • Great for treating pain, fatigue and foot problems such as swelling and neuropathy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple functions.

Cons of Foot massagers

  • EMS foot massagers are not safe for people with certain health conditions as well as pregnant women.
  • Usually more expensive than foot spas.



Purchase a foot spa if you want that you essentially need to loosen up your feet and diminish fatigue and soreness.

Purchase a foot massager on the off chance that you need to treat or oversee genuine foot issues like chronic pain, swelling, neuropathy, inflammation and muscle weaknes